New vision

Augmented Reality is cutting edge technology that is rapidly becoming a game changer for users and industries.

AR transforms a usual consumer tablet — but of course also industrial grade tablets — into a powerful tool for Informing, advertising and navigating operators or FAE in special or complex usage of devices. They get information about functionality of buttons, switches and connectors, hints about possible solutions for bug-fixing or valuable information how to adjust parameters.

RTSoft’s RTSreality offers a modular approach to bring AR to your products. The device itself is the starting point of developments, complex CAD drawings and digital models can support the AR design but are not mandatory for a solution.

Multi-platform and flexibility

Components are implemented as network services, and support Linux and Windows operating systems. This provides flexibility when creating vertical solutions upon a given platform.

The HTTP-based interface opens new horizons for customizing the look and feel. Services are easily integrated with smartphone apps or web browser based user interfaces.

New experiences — new values:

Unintentional misuse of devices can lead to big damage or loss in production environments. Today, reading tons of manuals is not accurate anymore for many use-cases. Even so, a well-trained staff is best for your profit, Augmented Reality can even make them more productive and faster in maintenance or usage of devices or products.

Augmented Reality helps to clearly identify the product in front of the engineers and automatically loads the right information into the screen. But not only for engineers, also for regular users, their experience raises, learning curves are steeper and productivity may raise simply by the right intended usage of your device or product.

Example of
Reality project:


Features Upgrades

• Real-time streaming from onboard camera to mobile devices.

• Real-time detection of places of interest, and live highlight in video stream.

• Real-time placement of text, image, and video on surfaces including roads and buildings.

• Object interaction by means of virtual buttons.

• 3D reconstruction of buildings in urban environment.

• GIS integration.


• Tailor RTSreality to your requirements

• Develop new AR features