Core competencies

    Our expertise in devices enables you to manage even the most challenging platform migrations in the most efficient way possible


    From drivers and BSPs up to native OS code s in the most efficient way possible

    Our track record in writing standardized BSPs for ODMs including vendor- and form factor-specific add-ons is a long and successful one. Plus, we have provided many OEMs with custom-specific driver implementations for their own dedicated hardware extensions. Your benefit: We are true experts in building custom-tailored driver and BSP implementations – including native OS code, whenever required. All you need to do is specify the shape and structure of these technological baseplates with us. We will do the rest.



    From simple ‘glue logic’ for legacy interfaces up to complex middleware solutions

    Services for devices’ software applications beyond those available from the operating system can range from simple APIs up to quite complex middleware for load balancing or the inter-process communication of distributed devices. Our services in this messaging- and communications-centric area range from adaptive logic for legacy/proprietary protocols up to Big Data handling logic for IoT scenarios. Your benefit: We make all the middleware required for making your apps run extremely smoothly on your intelligent devices.


    From command-line interpreter customizations to OEM-specific visualization suites

    The Application – that’s what all our hardware-centric and middleware programming services were made for. Many OEM device manufacturers, however, don’t have the time to program the entire application on their own. That’s why we also help OEMs and application providers to get their own ‘tiger in the tank’. Your benefit: You can concentrate on engineering the features and functionalities of your intelligent things as well as all seconding services.