From command-line interpreter customizations to OEM-specific visualization suites

    Software Engineering Services for Device Applications

    It’s all about the apps

    The Application – that’s what all our hardware-centric and middleware programming services were made for. Many OEM device manufacturers, however, don’t have the time to program the entire application on their own. That’s why we also help OEMs and application providers to get their own ‘tiger in the tank’. Your benefit: You can concentrate on engineering the features and functionalities of your intelligent things as well as all seconding services. 

    Our references include:

    HMI interface for a machine builder

    Data concentrator for an IoT application

    Video analyzer for a smart camera system

    A fresh and modern GUI with multi-touch and custom-specific gestures

    A very efficient distiller for satellite telephone based data communications

    Very fast recognition of custom-defined objects by predefined textures