From drivers and BSPs up to native OS code s in the most efficient way possible

    Hardware-centric software engineering services

    The baseplate for smart devices

    Our track record in writing standardized BSPs for ODMs including vendor- and form factor-specific add-ons is a long and successful one. Plus, we have provided many OEMs with custom-specific driver implementations for their own dedicated hardware extensions. Your benefit: We are true experts in building custom-tailored driver and BSP implementations – including native OS code, whenever required. All you need to do is specify the shape and structure of these technological baseplates with us. We will do the rest.

    OS expertise

    Processor expertise

    Generic extension options

    Dedicated I/O expertise

    Form factor expertise

    Windows, Linux, Android, VxWorks, QNX, Lynx OS – including hypervisors

    x86 and ARM as well as legacy xScale, PPC and MIPS

    Anything from ISA to PCIe as well as anything else including UART or I2C etc.

    From legacy to state-of-the-art. Definitely not possible to list all of them here etc.

    All PICMG and SGET standards, ATX and its derivates, PC/104 and a wide range of full custom designs