Your technology partner!

    As experts in Software Engineering Services for intelligent devices, we are involved in creating smart things from the very bottom of hardware-centric code up to the front end of applications . Your benefit: With our know-how of this entire ecosystem we can help you solve your problems in the most efficient way.

    Silicon vendors

    We second the software part of the hardware business

    For leading silicon vendors, we have developed a wide range of drivers and BSPs – from compiling the drivers for dedicated I/O controllers over glue logic for legacy interfaces up to BSPs for a broad range of operating systems for both evaluation boards as well as mass production. With our offer of also coding middleware and frontends, we comprehensively second silicon vendors in making their silicon smarter. Your benefit: Our passion and core competence for platform-centric software which you can exploit to build solid and valuable baseplates for your customers’ applications.

    OS vendors

    We write native OS code and manage device-specific OS distributions

    We know the entire range of Microsoft Windows suites for various intelligent devices. We code for Android and have been involved in the development of Linux in various projects and distributions including editions for professional general purpose electronics, consumer electronics, carrier-grade and M2M. And we are extremely familiar with the demands of different intelligent devices. Your benefit: We write native OS code and can code everything from customer-specific add-ons up to managing even the most dedicated and custom-tailored OS images as well as specific distributions.



    We make Original Design Manufacturers’ hardware platforms smarter

    How can ODMs differentiate themselves from the competition? On the module, board and system level, the answer definitely lies in the software. Software turns standard hardware into application-ready platforms offering distinct value-adds for customers. We help engineers of hardware platforms to create a competitive advantage over standard BSPs by managing unified modular APIs as well as management and maintenance add-ons for IoT and customer-specific applications. Your benefit: True corporate branding, real USPs and a strong engineering partner for your OEM business.


    We develop everything for OEMs – from drivers and middleware up

    Your device is your core competence. You know the exact needs of your markets and customers. Plus, you  are constantly working on optimizing your product. Grasp the opportunity to outsource standard coding as far as possible and focus your resources on product advancements to keep one step ahead of the competition. Your benefit: You can focus on core competence projects and milestones and rest assured that you are working with the Software Engineering Service partner who complements your device core competences the most.

    Our OEM references include

    Siemens, Cavium, Lenze, Scheidt&Bachmann, B&R, Beckhoff, Skidata, Ferro Control, CrossControll, Pilz, IES, Fortec, Hy-Line, Kaba, Heidelberger Druck


    We help Independent Software Vendors to get connected with devices

    ISVs such as HMI, EDA or toolchain vendors often have the problem that new interfaces have to interconnect to OEM customers’ platforms. We can help ISVs achieve seamless connectivity to these devices and I/Os. Your benefit: Software engineering teams can concentrate on the development of new software features instead of producing only NRE costs without additional revenue perspectives.