OS vendors

We write native OS code and manage device-specific OS distributions

    Native OS code

    We know the entire range of Microsoft Windows suites for various intelligent devices. We code for Android and have been involved in the development of Linux in various projects and distributions including editions for professional general purpose electronics, consumer electronics, carrier-grade and M2M. And we are extremely familiar with the demands of different intelligent devices. Your benefit: We write native OS code and can code everything from customer-specific add-ons up to managing even the most dedicated and custom-tailored OS images as well as specific distributions.

    Our OS vendor references include

    OS code

    OS configurations

    OS add-ons

    Engineering of the Monta Vista Linux professional-, CE- and carrier-grade distributions as well as various Open Source projects

    Thousands of BSPs and I/O drivers for the entire range of Windows and Linux families, VxWorks, Lynx OS, Android and hypervisors

    Various add-ons such as OS-specific APIs for custom hardware