Advanced Microgrid optimization (AMIGO)

Press Release - RTSoft launches its micro-grid control software AMIGO

Advanced Microgrid optimization (AMIGO) - applies coordinated control and energy management functions to Microgrids that incorporate: distributed energy resources, storage systems, local volt/var controls, demand response units:
  • Benefits from AMIGO deployment: reduced external grid influence and tariffs, reduced operational maintenance costs, improved reliability indexes and power quality, additional payments for load frequency control services and grid savings from active Demand Response.


  • Advanced system- AMIGO does not require operational personnel and provides a self-diagnostic functions;
  • Optimizing Energy costs and billing - minimizes costs by automatic generation control with Grid/Resources costs optimization;
  • Loss Reduction and improvement of power quality and reliability indexes – provides coordinated volt/var regulation;
  • VPP – provides virtual power plant services as market aggregator;
  • Islanding – net-zero mode and islanding with load frequency control;
  • Forecasting - generation adequacy assessment and load forecasting;
  • Reducing operational costs - control of equipment`s operating limits and the asset health monitoring;
  • Scalability and interoperability - AMIGO is configured to the microgrid size from few houses to districs and towns;


Medium-to-Large size Microgrids with following characteristics:

  • more than 2 energy resources that can balance MG load
  • storage systems
  • local controllers, telecontrols

AMIGO functional architecture

Control modules:

  • AGC – automatic generation control;
  • V/VC - automatic voltage and reactive power control modules;

Analytical modules:

  • Forecasts – for electric load and green generation;
  • Generation and UQ optimisation - generation adequacy, calculation of optimal setpoints for generation and reactive power sources;
  • State estimation - indentification all parameters of the power system and checking measurements and states;
  • Metering and Market apps - receiving and processing commands from market aggregators

SMART-SERVER (communication hub):

  • Collecting data from equipment (transmitters, controllers, etc.) by multiple protocols (OPC, IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, MODBUS, etc.).


  • Monitoring asset health and troubleshooting incidents and notification in the WEB-interface.

Economical benefits evaluation 


Amigo video

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