Software Package For Global Monitoring Of Mobile Objects Using Cellular And Satellite Links


MONTRACK® software solution is designed for continuous monitoring of transport vehicles and other mobile objects, including ones operated in remote areas outside of the coverage of cellular communication networks.

The software solution can be used by service providers of monitoring vehicles and other mobile objects as well as enterprises and organizations interested in monitoring their own fleet. MONTRACK® (its on-board part) can be installed on trucks and cars, self-propelled construction machines, farm machines, ships, other mobile objects. The software package is suitable for special applications.


MONTRACK® provides continuous monitoring of moving objects, performing the following functions:
  • Tracking the location and movements of objects on the screen map.
  • Controlling object's movement and detecting possible deviations from the specified limits (deviation from the prescribed route, speeding violations, standing idle, inability to move according to a time schedule, and so on).
  • Controlling object's state, such as fuel level, system voltage, temperature (in cabin, carrying compartment, external space, etc.) if using corresponding sensors.
  • Analysis of collected information using a variety of report forms (tables, graphs).

MONTRACK® software package is a flexible customizable system that allows optimizing costs for monitoring vehicles and other mobile objects depending on geographic regions and user requirements​​.


MONTRACK® software package can be cost-effectively used in situations when other monitoring systems are not suitable.

This is achieved by a new innovative approach for tracking objects:

  • Onboard hardware and software track the object location continuously using global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, etc.) and monitor other object navigational and state parameters.
  • A communication session with the system server is initiated in case of detecting deviations from the predetermined navigational and/or state parameters. Thus, the object does not establish communication with the server normally (excluding rare pings if such option is enabled), saving high cost traffic over satellite links.
  • Employment of routes and time schedules prepared beforehand allows the server software to compute and visualize the current predicted object position.
  • In case of detecting an abnormal situation, for example if the object deviates from the specified route and/or time schedule, the on-board computer establishes communication with the server using the optimal communication channel (among the available ones) and transmits its current coordinates and other data describing its state, including information on the abnormal situation (deviation type, parameter values, etc.).
  • If moving in areas covered by inexpensive communications channels (GSM/3G/4G, Wi-Fi) the system can function just like traditional transport monitoring systems, establishing communication at the predetermined short intervals.

As a result MONTRACK® may allow its users to reduce the communications costs by a factor of 10-100 comparing to traditional transport monitoring systems if used in areas not covered by cellular communication networks.


  • The MONTRACK® software package supports multiple clients (isolated databases with their own sets of mobile objects, users, settings, etc.). This feature allows to use it by monitoring service providers.
  • The MONTRACK® software package supports the satellite communication system Iridium. There are plans to support other satellite communication systems, such as Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya, Gonetz.
  • The Dispatcher (Fleet Controller) User Interface application from the MONTRACK® software package supports popular web mapping services, such as Open Street Map, Google Maps, and others.
  • The MONTRACK® software package includes a built-in reporting subsystem. Moreover, it's possible to integrate it with various ERP systems.


When all monitored parameters of a mobile object (including its current position) conform to set-up parameters, the onboard software does not initiate communication sessions with the Fleet Control Center. In this mode, the server software simulates the objects movements taking into account the route and time schedule assigned to objects and their last known actual coordinates. It allows users (dispatchers) to view the estimated position and track of objects on the map at any moment. Upon receiving new data, the location and track of objects are adjusted.


If an emergency or another abnormal situation occurs (when some deviations are detected) the on-board part of the system automatically transmits relevant information to the dispatcher using the best possible communication channel (among those available).

The MONTRACK® software automatically determines the range of available communication channels at any given moment and selects the best possible one taking into account the priority (importance) and size of the message.


The on-board MONTRACK® hardware includes the following types of devices:

  • An on-board computer running under control of the Windows operating system (Windows Embedded, Windows Embedded Compact) or Linux. There are also plans to support Android and Windows Phone devices.
  • The Global Satellite Navigation Systems receiver (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and others) – can be integrated into on-board computer.
  • The GPRS/3G/4G modem – can be integrated into on-board computer.
  • A satellite modem (for enabling operation in remote areas not covered by cellular communication networks) – can be integrated into on-board computer.
  • An antenna (antennas) for the GNSS receiver and communication equipment (modems).
  • Various sensors (for measuring the fuel level, temperature, etc.) and adapters for connecting to the mobile object's digital buses (CAN and others).

Adopting the MONTRACK® software package allows to monitor mobile objects that can operate in remote and hard-to-reach areas in particular, at the same time ensuring an acceptable level of operating costs (including satellite communication expenses).

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