Service models

Service modeling is the key!

Organizations and teams as well as engineering tasks and their interdependencies often differ significantly from customer to customer. That’s why our software engineering services can be very flexibly adjusted to suit your needs. Your benefit: Your outsourcing project is seamlessly implemented into your entire project management.

Flexible Service Models – Satisfied customers

From a few lines of code

- to complex projects lasting several years

From re-engineering and porting projects

- to the sustainable development and maintenance of new applications.

As a single commission

- or as a continuous delivery model

According to requirement specifications

- including previous requirement engineering*

In personnel leasing

- as a fixed-price commissioned development

At your site

- or at our sites

*recommended for all projects

RTSoft is a dedicated team of developers specializing in system software for the most common general-purpose and realtime operating systems
RTSoft employs over 120 highly skilled programmers and system software engineers, who have been in creating commercially viable products
RTSoft develops a broad range of software from drivers to core systems that support major integrated (including cloud-based) solutions
RTSoft provides solid software solutions for industrial & power energy automation