IoT Special Offering

RTSoft employs over 120 highly skilled programmers and system software engineers, who have been in creating commercially viable products

IoT The idea of promoting IoT services

Consulting. Based on our competence we can offer solutions based on the customer's goals using the IoT paradigm as the sum of technologies. It is also possible to perform analysis of solutions prepared by other companies or the customer's own personnel.

Prototyping. For example, passage of the proof of concept stage. Creating a prototype for testing and achieving the required technical specifications (protocol support, speed, reliability, suitability analysis, etc.). The fundamental point is that the customer can choose whether he will implement it itself or address it to other companies or RTSoft.

Customization of Ready Platforms to fulfill the customer's requirements. To save time and money we have some well-established basic platforms, and their number will increase. Harmonika and Montrek are the examples. The first platform is generally a hierarchical collection of diagnostic information, while the second one is used for tracking.

Profound specialized expertise in specific areas such as quality control of electric power, vector measurements, etc. allow us to create "industry-specific platforms", which can be customized, but even "out of the box" they are ready to solve the main tasks of the customer.

Customized software development based on the technical specifications of the customer.

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