For Industrial and Energy Automation



RTSoft is a dedicated team of experts and developers working in the field of Power System Control and Protection specializing in application and system level software development and consulting.

Our unique joint expertise allows us to develop sophisticated software products and complex solutions for power systems, utilities, industrial and commercial enterprises. Our products have a number of distinctive features:

  • Well-defined optimization algorithms.
  • High degree of automation — up to fully automatic systems.
  • Strong embedded cybersecurity measures.

Advanced Microgrid Optimization (Control) System provides energy management of distributed energy resources, storage systems, local volt/var controls, demand-response units of the Microgrids. Benefits obtained from Optimization System implementation: reduced external grid influence and tariffs, reduced operational maintenance costs, improved reliability indexes and power quality, additional revenue from the regulation system and provision of ancillary services (due to load frequency control services and actively functioning Demand-Response units).

Protection software suite is aimed to support Protection Department specialists in energy companies specializing in Transmission-Distribution and Generation. It provides a closed loop of protection modeling, analysis and maintenance functions:

  • Transient analysis and Short Circuit calculations.
  • Protection settings calculation.
  • Protection modeling and evaluation.
  • Automated collection of digital fault records and signal processing.
  • Automated Fault Analysis and Protection performance estimation.
  • Protection configuration life-cycle management.

RTSoft and S&T Smart Energy provide consulting, design and technical support services in the field of energy system planning, design, implementation and maintenance:

  • Protection & control system planning.
  • Training & technical support.

In addition to software development and engineering RTSoft provides a comprehensive set of services including power and control system modeling, simulation and support.

As a result, RTSoft is able to realize full automation life-cycle for energy software.