RTSoft at Embedded World 2021 DIGITAL

We are pleased to announce that RTSoft GmbH is participating in the Embedded World 2021 DIGITAL Event on March 1 – 5, 2021. The annual exhibition puts together world leaders of embedded hardware and software business. It’s a unique platform for international technological exchange.

This year we are going to show you:

// IoT integration as a service

Flexible hybrid-cloud solutions with on-premise, Azure, AWS deployment to a number of industries like power energy,  manufacturing, automotive, retail. The time and cost efficiency is achieved due to integration of optimized device and cloud level software built on well tested open-source components.

// Intelligence on Things

Efficient CNN/DNN migration onto constrained devices. We know how to achieve best performance with technology stacks like TensorFlow, KubeFlow, AutoML, OpenVINO  while reducing complexity of CNN/DNN. Moreover we have a track record of combining edge data processing with cloud management in order to arrange self trained IoT system with optimized data traffic.

// Device software lifecycle management

Subscription based service which delivers latest system level software (security and functionality updates) to customers’ devices. Being profound experts in CPUs architectures ARM, x86, and also linux, windows, vxworks we’re taking care of monitoring latest operating system patches, customizing drivers, BSP’s and delivering therm by schedule and event-driven. The service might be expanded with over the air rollouts to millions of embedded devices.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Embedded World 2021 DIGITAL!

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