RTSoft presented innovative solutions for energy management at HANNOVER MESSE 2017

RTSoft GmbH took part in Hannover Messe – 2017, the largest European industrial fair which this year celebrated its 70th anniversary. Company experts presented RTSoft innovative solutions for energy efficiency and cybersecurity. In 2017 RTSoft became an official partner of the Bavarian Energy Cluster, so this year the company shared the stand with Invest-in-Bavaria.

RTSoft GmbH focused on the modern needs of the European energy market. Visitors could test the demo model of the company’s advanced microgrid management platform — AMIGO. The system is designed to provide energy management of distributed energy resources, storage systems, local volt/var controls and demand-response units. AMIGO is scalable and easily adaptable to various conditions, which allows it to optimize electricity costs, improve the quality of electricity and get additional benefits from the use of renewable energy sources.

 Hannover-Messe_img_1.jpg   Hannover-Messe_img_2.jpg 

Visitors could change various settings of the virtual environment in real time using a specially created interface and observe how the management strategy changed with regard of the chosen scenario. Scenarios of power systems management and operation were demonstrated with the help of RTSoft augmented reality technology, allowing users to visualize and evaluate the technical parameters and the economic effect from the implementation of the system.

Within the framework of Hannover Messe, RTSoft experts held a number of meetings with representatives of various businesses and research facilities from all over the world in order to exchange experience and develop international partnerships.


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