RTSoft experts present industrial IoT solution at the Embedded Systems Conference in Munich

The Conference took place within the framework of one of the largest European exhibitions — Electronica 2016. RTSoft presented on one stage with representatives of such worldwide leaders as Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Bosch, Fraunhofer Institute. Company representatives Roman Alyautdin and Hubert Hafner talked about the concept of using a popular opensource IoT framework AllJoyn® for Industry 4.0 applications. The focus of the presentation was dedicated to fieldbus connectivity.

RTSoft developers have implemented AllJoyn protocol for Controller Area Network (CAN) bus and therefore extended AllJoyn ecosystem to Industrial use-cases. The results prove RTSoft deep expertise in IoT stacks and unique knowledge that allows to adapt them to industrial requirements.

‘Thanks to our great team we have managed to show a new approach for the emerging Industry 4.0’ – said Roman Alyautdin after finishing his presentation.

RTSoft continues to actively work on further developing of IIoT solutions.


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