Linux Experts for your Embedded Product!

Linux device drivers and kernel development services:

  • new hardware support implementation
  • new standards and protocols
  • community upstreaming

Recent Project Sample: custom SPI driver for Freescale i.MX6 that uses DMA for fast data transfers from FPGA device

BSP development for embedded products (x86, ARM, MIPS, PPС):

  • medica
  • industrial
  • automotive
  • energy

based on customized Yocto, Android,Debian and others

Performance tuning and optimization:

  • OS full stack profiling
  • kernel and middleware optimization
  • fastboot
  • hardware offload support

Recent Project Sample: Fast boot Linux on iMX6 based h/w in 2 sec

Middleware development:

  • framework components (Qt, Gstreamer and etc.)
  • custom libraries
  • API emulation
  • IoT Connectivity support

Recent Project Sample: custom fingerprints scanning framework that allows authorizations to the remote or virtual hosts

Linux Networking / Cloud:

  • packet processing optimization / DPDK
  • Open Stack / Open vSwitch support

Linux Realtime and Virtualization solutions providing:

  • security and safety isolation
  • container and hypervisor virtualization
  • running RTOS alongside Linux
  • Linux RT

Software Migration

  • Legacy hardware virtualization
  • running legacy/certified code on Linux
  • Product software prototyping

Recent Project Sample: full migration of complex software solution that uses graphics acceleration from Freescale ColdFire to x86 using QEMU

Moving to a new kernel version and linux distribution

Firmware/bootloader development

Recent Project Sample: hardware integrity tests for embedded platform implemented in u-boot bootloader

Proven research expertise and embedded system implementation consulting

Our customers: Kontron, MontaVista, Linaro, Mentor Graphics and others

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