Embedded Software

Expansion and usage of new ubiquitous interconnected devices in our lives is enormous. The expansion improves human collaboration, business efficiency and allows to solve previously unthinkable problems. Ideas implemented in such technologies as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Augmented Reality and others were the backbones for this vast expansion.

The major ingredient of these ubiquitous devices is an embedded software. It allows to control devices, analyse data, make decisions and provide connectivity. We at RTSoft for more than 20 years help our customers to innovate, develop, deploy and support embedded software in various products. By having a deep expertise and experience in all major system architectures and operating systems allows us to bring value to our clients.

our services



  • Help to select a HW platform and a SW stack for your problem
  • Help to formulate requirements to HW-SW platform
  • Help to select a Project Management approach suitable for your needs



  • Architectures
  • MCUs
  • Board Support Packages (BSP)
  • Virtualization and Hypervisors
  • Communication
  • GUI and HMI
  • Integration
  • Migration



  • Help to create a prototype of your product or solution
  • Help to test hypothesis and limitation of your selected HW-SW platform


Audit, QA, Optimization and Troubleshooting

  • Help to locale and eliminate bottlenecks in your existing solution
  • Help to optimize your existing solution
  • Help to carry QA (functional, regressional, etc.)
  • Help in deployment

Our recent projects

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