RTSoft IoT Rollouts

Looking for an IoT update system? Meet RTSoft IoT Rollouts – an Over-the-Air (OTA) update solution. With RTSoft’s IoT Rollouts you will efficiently and securely manage firmware and application updates on your IoT embedded devices.

Some of the benefits of using RTSoft’s IoT Rollouts solution are:

  • A complete solution – we can develop a complete software solution providing embedded software, connectivity, and cloud infrastructure. Since we have all the pieces, no integrations are required, setting up is easy and you can push updates in minutes
  • Reliable and resilient – OTA update system is built with failsafe to prevent disruption. For example, if an update is interrupted or a power-off event occurred a device will automatically revert to the previous version of working software
  • Secure and scalable – all communication between component of a solution are always encrypted with certificates, and can scale to thousands of devices
  • Batch scheduled updates – you can define your own scenarios of devices’ updates. For example, update when your device is in idle mode only.
  • Deploy anywhere and maintain by a company you choose – we can build the solution on-premise or in public Clouds. Since out solution is based on open-source technologies, you can select a partner to maintain it
  • Integrate with industrial environment using open standards – we provide API to develop custom specific gateways to control arbitrary devices (from PLC to microcontrollers, OPC-UA, LWM2M) and non-IP networks (LoRaWAN, NB-IoT).

our services


Fast Cloud based / On-premise deployment


Secure device access management system


Certificate based access to repository with SW updates

Update events monitoring


Software versioning management


Scenario based batch updates with load balancing


Your device and OSs are supported
RTSoft IoT Rollouts supports various operating systems: Yocto, Ubuntu, OpenWRT, Buildroot. Should you have different OS? We will support it anyway!

RTSoft IoT Rollouts supports different types of SW update:

Application options

Update OS/firmware, A/B scenario
Update system integrates into bootloader and OS (firmware). Firmware images are in two identical storage slots. In case of update failure of unsuccessful system health check the device rollbacks to original system.

Application update
No need to adopt OS kernel/init scripts and bootloader. Rollback is supported.

Flexible update time
Server can select update time inside of inactive hours (considering the time zone). Another case is to allow device choose update time itself. Recommended for massive rollouts.

Combine firmware image with external apps
Update service rollouts distribution bundle containing OS image and set of external apps. Update client first installs OS and then apply application updates.

Zero maintenance device registration and provisioning Certificate-based device authentication allows to perform initial OS/System setup, configuration and activation automatically. This is done securely at first connection to a network. This use case works the best when f devices are connected via gateway. RTSoft provides application ready solution supporting open industrial standards.

Maintaining devices with no direct internet connectivity
Embedded devices with existing OTA update functionality but lacking secure internet connectivity can be maintained via gateway. No need to modify device software in this case, special gateway solution leverage all functionality provided by the IoT Rollouts Service. RTSoft provides application ready solution supporting this case.

Maintaining devices connected via LWM2M
RTSoft application ready solution implementing mentioned above use case is the LWM2M gateway to IoT rollouts. The LWM2M open standard defines update and provisioning for connected devices. RTSoft solution extends LWM2M with RTSoft IoT Rollouts. You do not need to modify embedded device.

Customer domain deployment RTSoft IoT Rollouts service is managed by you and deployed at customer specific domain.

On-premise deployment
RTSoft IoT Rollouts can be delivered on-premise (customer private network servers). For more details and RTSoft IoT Rollouts price request, feel free to contact us: IoT@rtsoft.de.
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