01. software development

We, at RTSoft, are professional engineers dedicated to assist companies with their software challenges. Our technical expertise spans from the low, firmware level up of software development to the top, application level. This allows us to implement complex vertical software solutions optimized for performance and resource constraints.


We adopt efficient software development practices in order to meet our customer’s requirements, and we are flexible to adapt to out clients work flow.

02. rnd & prototyping

New product development is a risky endeavour as there many unknowns that need to be tested in practice. Market research may require creation of a Minimal Viable Product in order to evaluate various hypothesis. A company may need to make a loud statement at the trade show. All these may need to carry out prototyping in RnD projects.


We offer services in design and development of software prototypes with core functionality in order to test customer’s ideas as quick as possible. We leverage our team’s wide range of skills and expertise to come up with the fastest results for our clients.

03. quality assurance

The ultimate goal of any software project is to ensure that all stakeholders’ requirements have been satisfied. In order to do so, best practices and standards in software engineering quality assurance have been developed. We, at RTSoft, follow these best practices and standards to ensure quality results for our clients.


Additionally, we offer services in outsourced QA as functional testing, performance testing, security testing, etc.

04. integration

It is common when a product or project is being made by several teams. These teams implement requirements from different stakeholders, may have different project’s goals and responsibility. Therefore it is important to have a single point of responsibility who would seamlessly reconcile all project requirements, blend teams work into a single, balance communication, in order to reach a project’s goal. 

We offer service of system integration in large project linking teams from design, consulting, simulation, algorithmic, and other domains.

05. troubleshooting & optimization

One of the Murphy’s law states that if you perceive that there are four possible ways in which a procedure can go wrong, and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop. In other words, even well tested and validated software can follow a wrong behavior which manifests itself during operation services. 

We offer services in troubleshooting in your software, even if you have gotten poor documentation and no source codes. Additionally, we have a great experience in getting software optimized for better characteristics such as throughout performance, latency, memory footprint, etc. 

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