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COMPUTER VISION Computer vision for people flow analysis in an underground metro station Read more
System-level & embedded software
We specialise at system software for various general-purpose, embedded and realtime operating systems
Cloud & IoT
We develop comprehensive Cloud & IoT solutions based on leading proprietary and open-source technologies
Computer Vision & Augmented Reality
Our team of professional data scientists and engineers brings the cutting-edge Computer Vision and Augmented Reality technologies
HMI & User Interfaces
We design and implement efficient and friendly interfaces based on traditional input methods, as well as modern technologies like gesture sensors and eye trackers
Our expertise

We offer application development using all key modern technologies:

C, C++, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, Java, HTML5 & JavaScript, Python, WPF, Windows forms, Eclipse/MS Visual Studio plugins, MS SQL, Oracle, NoSQL, QT, Dev Express, Vaadin, Node.js, Angular, ReactJS

Development for mobile platforms:

  • Android, iOS, Tizen, AGL

Computer Vision:

  • OpenGL, OpenCV

Augmented Reality

We advanced in "gluing" system level with application level using all sorts of application frameworks and protocols:

API for embedded systems:

  • SUSI

IoT libraries and protocols:

  • IOTivity, LWm2m, CoaP

optimizations of development tools (compliers, debuggers, profilers)

  • llvm, gcc compilers, v8, .NET Core runtime

We offer deep expertise in system level software development:

development of Board Support Packages (BSP) for:

  • Linux
  • Windows family (WEC, WES)
  • VxWorks
  • LynxOS
  • Android

services related to BSP development:

  • migration to a new kernel or distribution
  • performance optimization


Our recent projects
Computer vision for people flow analysis in an underground metro station

One of our customers, a CCTV system integration company, requested us to develop a system to count people and measure people flow in underground metro. The purpose of the system is to assist platform load and passenger queues. The video surveillance system had been already deployed there and RTSoft should propose a hardware and software add-on by a very competitive price. 

RTSoft helps customers to build AI + IoT applications through integration of computer vision, data analysis and augmented reality.  Our experience in embedded platforms (Intel Movidius, Nvidia Jetson, Google Coral) and dedicated ML frameworks (Openvino, TensorRT, TFLite) made it possible to fulfill this project.

System features:

  • Visitors headcount

  • Crowd headcount

  • Queue detector

  • GDPRA compliance 

OTA update for PoS Terminals
RTSoft has been tasked by major IT provider of automation systems for Retail industry to develop a solution for remote update of software (operating system and/or application) for a family of devices PoS terminals.

The solution should allow an automatic rollback in case of update failures such as connectivity problem or unexpected power loss, implement versioning and secure delivery mechanisms, and be customizable for future integrations.

Additionally, the solution should include a cloud back-end service for device and software repository, content delivery and rollout management.

The target devices’s characteristics are:

  • SoC: Mediatek MT7688
  • Flash memory: 64MB
  • Operating system: Linux (OpenWRT)

STM32MP1 customized firmware manages smart robotics operations

RTSoft designed and developed the firmware for a smart robotics controller that makes the controller an excellent platform for educational and business uses. 

The system software implements the abstraction interface for work with various sensors and actuators like ultrasonic, camera, thermo, photo, encoder motor, servo motor and many others in Real-Time. The programming API is available in python and C/C++. 

The robotics platform features the color touch display with the graphical interface, which can also be customized by a user via the programming API.

Besides on-board GUI the solution implements two remote interfaces: WebDAV and ssh. Integration with a cloud is supported via MQTT protocol. 

The connectivity is available via WiFi, Bluetooth and USB Ethernet. SD card and USB flash drives can be used to distribute data to/from the controller. Multiple controllers can be connected with each other via CAN interface where a Master controller can seamlessly operate with remote sensors and actuators connected to a Slave controller(s) in the same real-time manner.

Digital cockpit
RTSoft has been chosen by Motherson Innovation GmbH, an innovative automotive company, for prototyping “The Empathic Cockpit” – a digital cockpit of the  future, harmoniously absorbing the newest available technologies for reaching a unique level of comfort and real-time functionality.
The solution was presented at the CES 2018 Show in Las Vegas.
Clutch is the leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, Marketing and Business service providers. Each month, over half a million buyers and sellers of services use the Clutch platform and the user base is growing over 50% a year.
The RTSoft Software Development Center has completed a project to expand the functionality of the IEC 61499 runtime environment for an intelligent IIoT hub. The project was implemented in the interests of the customer - a foreign manufacturer of controllers for the automation of buildings and industrial enterprises.
The implementation of SCADA for engineering systems will improve the reliability, safety and quality of their equipment, as well as reduce maintenance costs.
Hannes Niederhauser, CEO S&T AG, whose exclusive distributor is RTSoft, spoke about the trends of 2021.

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