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Computer Vision

One of our customers, a CCTV system integration company, requested us to develop a system to count people and measure people flow in underground metro. The purpose of the system is to assist platform load and passenger queues. The video surveillance system had been already deployed there and RTSoft should propose a hardware and software add-on by a very competitive price. 

RTSoft helps customers to build AI + IoT applications through integration of computer vision, data analysis and augmented reality.  Our experience in embedded platforms (Intel Movidius, Nvidia Jetson, Google Coral) and dedicated ML frameworks (Openvino, TensorRT, TFLite) made it possible to fulfill this project.

System features:

  • Visitors headcount

  • Crowd headcount

  • Queue detector

  • GDPRA compliance 

Key facts

  • On premise video server
  • AI/ML software: RTSoft OMGE
  • Software recognition accuracy
  • OTA software updates: RTSoft IoT Rollouts


In the early stage of the project RTSoft built people recognition algorithms and tested them onsite on several CCTV cameras in the collaboration with cusomter’s technical team to identify possible set of use cases and draft requirement for the solution. Since the end-solution was supposed to be implemented based on RTSoft OMGE proprietary platform it was quite a simple task to rapidly design data flows, develop and bring up the system and then scale it to multiple CCTV cameras. Then RTSoft developed a deployment ready docker with all key components inside:

  • Video frames capture

  • People recognition

  • Graphical user interface 

  • Target reports and statictis

  • OTA software updates.


Finally, the system was successfully installed and passed through performance, load balancing and acceptance tests and was acquired as a software product by our customer.



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