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OTA update for smart energy controllers

This update system is a cloud solution designed to increase the efficiency of automatic deployment of new software versions across the entire fleet of Smart Meters, store and update software in the cloud, and swiftly eliminate software bugs and security holes.

One of our partners, a prominent manufacturer of controllers and smart meters for power industry automation, oreder us to develop a software cloud solution for updating smart meter systems. This task is critical for managing a fleet of connected devices, either completely autonomous or not available for qualified on-site maintenance.

System features

The system is based on the RITMS UP2DATE platform created by RTSoft engineers. The platform allows users to update software swiftly, efficiently and reliably both in the global network and in corporate networks, including OEM partners.

The solution contains the following main components:

  • An integrating and managing cloud component

  • Embedded software for remote devices 

Key facts


As a result of the project, a system for updating the firmware of connected devices was developed, with the following functions:

  • Centralized cloud service management

  • Delegating system access to the company’s OEM partners

  • Automatic device provisioning for secure connection to the update service

  • Digital certificate issuance to ensure secure end-to-end communication

The system was successfully installed, tested and purchased by our customer as a software product.


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