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Unified Embedded Device Management Platform
RTSoft introduces a HIGHLY SCALABLE PLATFORM TO MANAGE EMBEDDED M2M INSTALLATIONS AND IOT DEVICES. A reference implementation has been developed for ELAA.

Key facts

  • Remote device monitoring using PICMG EAPI and other APIs
  • Enhanced security and safety for IoT Gateways and Data Concentrators
  • Automatic discovery for devices connected to the network
  • OTA Software updates
  • Intranet or Cloud - hosted deployments


Now days security is the biggest concern for all connected end systems. Most operating systems are vulnerable by design, new problems and corresponding fixes are coming every day. So the longer system is not updated, the longer is the list of exposed vulnerabilities. OTA updates and configuration management features provide comprehensive mechanism for deploying regular OS and Applications changes in scope of Continuous Integration program. Reliability and security of update deployment is addressed with ability to sign and verify updates so that they are guaranteed to come from a trusted source.

Roll out mechanism improves reliability by eliminating the risk of endpoint device breakage due to partial or failed updates



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